Friday, January 13, 2012

I Heart Fake Food - Butter

Wood block
Cutting device {a saw of some sort}
Yellow spray paint {or paint}
Glue {I used crafter's glue}

Find a butter shaped block of wood. This piece is approximately 7 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide. Each 'tab' of butter is approximately 1/2 inch wide. In order to save your finger tips, leave an inch and a half allowance at the end as a grip while cutting out your tabs {discard when finished}.

My talented assistant, my husband, cut the butter using a radial saw and then sanded the rough edges for me.

Using Summer Squash spray paint {in a satin finish}, from Home Depot, give your tabs of butter several coats of coverage.

When the paint is fully dry, gather up your velcro, glue and scissors.

Glue the sections of velcro onto the tabs of butter, making sure that they line up correctly {rough side of velcro to soft side of velcro}.

Grab a play knife...

And butter your bread!

Obligatory pun inserted here: Feel free to butter me up and let me know what you think about this tutorial.

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