Monday, January 9, 2012

Goodwill Hunting Round Up & After Christmas Sales

Goodwill did not disappoint this past month. This is probably the reason they keep me coming back week after week.

I found this Pottery Barn Kids toy iron for .99 cents. The best part, it actually works, it lights up and has sound.

For $3.99, I bought Grace this Gap 'Pugs and Kisses' long sleeve tee shirt. It's kind of an ode to Riley {our naughty but loveable Puggle}.

I found these 2 Sandra Boynton hardcover books. Both books included a CD with all of the songs/stories from within the books. All their children's book are .59 cents each. So, I got these 2 books, including 2 CDs, for $1.18.

This purchase makes me realize I might need an intervention. I found this ADORABLE Gap baby dress with sun hat. It was part of their tag sale so it was half off costing me only $1.50...the only problem, Grace is no longer a baby so I really didn't have a reason to buy it other than I just couldn't pass it up for $1.50.

A week before Christmas, Goodwill will mark down their Christmas stock to 50% off. I found a set of picture frame ornaments, priced at a $1 but marked down to .50 cents. I think I might use them as gift tags next year. I also found vintage Christmas tree lights, priced at .50 cents but marked down to .25 cents.

Ironically, after Christmas, all Christmas stock returns to full price. I found this 4 foot Christmas tree with battery pack operated lights for $6.99. The best part, the tree comes out of the base, so I'll be able to use this heavy duty base and fill it with flowers this spring/summer.

I found this cool penguin, who houses a brand new candle inside of him, for $1.99. There was just something about him, I couldn't leave him behind. Next year he'll be a happy addition to our Christmas decorations.

I am known for stalking Hallmark stores patiently waiting for their clearance to hit 75% off. This year, they had a surplus of Elf on a Shelf when their clearance was only 40% off. I foolishly {and frugally} thought I would wait to by my elf when they were further discounted...wouldn't you know it, they all sold out before they reached 75% off. Darn it! BUT I was able to score both of these ornaments for $5.

Was anyone able to take advantage the Groupon deal for Old Navy? The deal was pay $10 get a $20 voucher for Old Navy. I used my voucher for after Christmas shopping and picked up 4 pairs of toddler PJs for .97 cents each...97 cents each {full price they are $14.97}. You can't even get a deal like that at Goodwill!

While raiding the paint chip aisle at Home Depot, I stumbled upon the paint clearance section. These Glidden and Martha Stewart paint samples were .50 cents each.

I stopped in Papyrus, browsing for inspiration when I found this vintage map calendar by Cavallini & Co. for half off.

For $11 I'll be able to appreciate and admire my vintage maps in calendar form this year and then I think I might frame them or come up with some other craft creation. There are 13 maps {including the cover}, so each map cost less than $1...that's a deal I can be happy with.

The only thing I enjoy more than getting a good deal is sharing my finds with someone else. SO now that you know my good deals, I'd love to hear about yours.


  1. Great price on the tree! I saw it for $50 at Michael's and that was after their 75% off!

  2. Really!!! I thought I got a good deal on the tree, I just didn't realize I got THAT good of a deal. Thanks for sharing {and checking out my blog}.

  3. Amy, you are my kind of girl! I loooove that Pottery Barn iron...and for 99 cents! Those pjs were also and awesome steal! These kind of things just make me giddy! :) Thanks for stopping by, so glad you left me a note so I could find your blog!


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