Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finger Painting Valentine's Day Cards

No matter how old your little one is, this is the perfect option for a personalized, meaningful Valentine's day card, thank you card or just because card.

What you'll need:
Finger paints
Card stock {white to paint on and colored to create your card out of}
Silhouette shapes {we did a Google image search for animal shapes}
Stamps, markers or pen {to write your card out}

And a willing artist...

When the finger painting masterpiece, your little artist created, has completely dried, trace out a few silhouette shapes of animals {or whatever shape you decide}.

Either you or your little artist {depending on how skilled they are with scissors} can cut the finger painting shapes out.

Using either stamps, markers or a pen add a caption to your card. I am a fan of adding some sort of a pun to my cards. As if ewe hadn't already guessed.

I guarantee, anyone that receives one of these cards will think they are purr-fect.

This is such an easy way to involve your little one {regardless of age} so they can create something truly unforgettable.

What a sweet way to let some bunny, any bunny know how much you care.

I hope you and your little artist have fun making some of your own cards and creating some memories in the process.


  1. Very cute! I like these a lot! *note to self for next year :)

  2. STOP IT WITH THE PUNS ;). You kill me. I'm so tickled.


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