Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Leg Warmers

With ballet back in full swing and winter in the air, it seemed a perfect time to whip up some leg warmers.

These are so quick, simple and inexpensive. Grab some adult knee high socks {I bought mine from Target for $2 a pair}.

Measure 12 inches down from the top of the sock, cutting away the foot just above the ankle.

I hesitate to say discard the foot because I would think there has to be a craft possibility for them eventually, right? Anyway, this is what you'll have left.

Turn your sock inside out. Create a 1/4 of an inch hem by folding over the raw edge of the sock. With a needle and similar colored thread begin to do a simple running stitch.

Every couple stitches, stretch the sock {where you just sewed}. This will keep the bottom of your sock from being sewn too tightly. You want there to be some give so you can stretch the bottom when getting it on and off your little one's leg.

When you finish sewing around the entire circumference, turn your sock right side out and admire because you are done.

As promised, quick and easy. The only thing left to do, test them out. Put them on your little one and enjoy!

No matter how much my little ballerina has grown, these leg warmers have not only kept her warm BUT they've also been the sweetest accessory for any outfit.


  1. I just made some leg warmers almost like these for my 2 year old. She insists on being naked, but sometimes she'll keep these on. I used the foot part to make a cuff on the cut end. Still looking for a use for the toes and heel.

    1. Brilliant making a cuff on the cut end...thanks for sharing that tip. I'll have to hold on to my toes and heels until inspiration strikes. Thanks for popping in and leaving feedback.

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