Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mom Survival Kit

You all know how much I love getting mail. Last week, I had an unexpected package arrive on my doorstep from a very dear friend. Inside the package, a mom survival kit.

No detail was spared. My thoughtful package included pens, wet wipes, cough drops, hand sanitizer, lip balm, tissues, a first aid kit, Antacid tablets, Colgate wisps and a zippered bag for anything fun to distract Grace with like crayons or stamps.

What a perfect gift for any mom. You could keep this in your car or throw it in your diaper bag. You can bet, the next baby shower I get invited to, I am going to be stealing this brilliant idea and sharing. {Thanks Hope!}

What would you include in your 'mom survival kit'?


  1. @teekaroo, thanks for your feedback. Not only is it a fun idea BUT {as I can attest to} it's also a fun gift to get and use!


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