Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Tip Thursday

Tip 1: Want to avoid the spills that come from squeezing a full juice box? Lift the flaps on the side of the juice box.

Instruct your child to hold the juice box by its ears. You'll have no more spills resulting from squeezing.

Tip 2: Want to stop your pot from boiling over, put a wooden spoon over it. I've heard this before but had to see for myself and it works.

And a bonus tip, if your dog should happen to eat a Bento Box Sushi Mold...

One tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide will induce vomiting. This tip is veterinarian approved {Thank goodness we have a vet in the family and on 24 hours a day call}.

1 comment:

  1. The juice box thing is sheer genius! I wish I would have read this in my son's juice box squeezing hay days!


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