Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let there be light

I have already been inspired by not one but two of my Christmas gifts.


A compact 10 x 12 Porta Trace light box. Seriously, the possibilities for this beauty are endless.

And this...

{image via Rosie Little Things}

A sweet and detailed Daisychain ABC Sampler Pattern sold by Rosie Little Things.

I admired and pinned this sampler months ago on Pinterest. So, I wasted NO time getting started.

Of course, someone else was inspired by my Christmas gifts as well.

Light box by day, stage for Littlest Pet Shop guys by night. Who's to question how or where inspiration will strike.


  1. Very handy light box! :-)
    I just purchased the Daisychain ABC's Sampler and I think will start mine sometime soon. For inspiration/motivation decided to google it and that's how I ended here on your blog :-).
    Have you already started it?

    1. I have started the ABC Sampler and I LOVE IT! The instructions are easy to follow and each new letter I finish, I find it even more lovely. This pattern pushed me further along in my embroidery skills. You'll have to follow up and show me your sampler when you finish. Thanks for dropping in and most of all for leaving some feedback!!!


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