Monday, June 24, 2013

Salvaged Architectural Display Pieces

Looking to add a bit of character and style to your home decor, why not make some architectural display pieces.  

This easy to follow tutorial will help you take scrap pieces of architectural pieces and turn them into beautifully mounted one of a kind home decor.

First, find yourself some architectural pieces with interesting designs.  The flea market is a great place to find reasonably priced architectural pieces.

Depending on the size you wish to display, you may want to cut salvaged pieces of furniture.

To build your base, cut two separate square pieces of scrap wood 1/4 inch thick by two to three inches wide making the top piece smaller than the bottom and glue together.

Drill a hole in the center of the base.  Insert a steel or brass rod,  Drill a hole centered into the bottom of your architectural piece.  Connect the base with the salvaged piece.

Depending on the architectural piece, you may even opt to add an accent piece to finish the design.  Additional finishing pieces can be wood glued to the original piece.

The piece and base can be painted to match with a matte finish paint with some sanding for weathering.

When completed, display and admire.

For those of you admiring these architectural display pieces, there are variety for sale in the While Wearing Heels Etsy Shop.


  1. I love old architectural salvage! What a fun addition to a bookcase or vignette!

  2. They are so beautiful! I love how you repurposed these pieces.

  3. These are awesome. I some so similar ones at Traget this weekend and they were asking an arm AND a leg for theirs and they definitely looked cheaper.

  4. Awesome tutorial, Amy! I love reclaimed anything - and this is fabulous.

  5. They look great, they'd be really awesome in the office of an architect. Good luck on etsy :)

  6. They look fabulous! Architectural salvage pieces are always so cool to work with. These are a great idea!

  7. I love the way these look. Great job and great tutorial.

  8. very pretty and intriguing...and creative. Thanks for the reminder...I am dreading the switch!

  9. Amy these are gorgeous! Now you have me thinking about that box of wooden pieces out in my shed!

  10. these would look perfect in a grouping on a mantle and i love the fact that they are re-purposed from old materials.the possibilities with these are endless...i could see them as picture holders or toppers of some sort.

  11. You know, if Brawn reads this post I'll have all sorts of stuff on posts and a wood base. This is so something he would like to do.


  12. Find these at garage sales?? Why not just have your husband whittle them out of salvaged tree scraps ;)?

  13. Awesome! I've been looking for iron bases like this to mount and display wooden Indian block print stamps. But d'oh, never thought to make them of wood. Great idea - thank you! I'm going to do this, and glad I found this through a linky party.

    1. What a wonderful comment. So glad you found some inspiration. Thank you!


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