Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stamped Party Napkins

I quickly learned, things like fancy napkins and matching plates can blow your party budget.

I'm a frugal girl by heart so when I saw the fancy napkins were between $3-4 for 20 napkins, I just could not bring myself to splurge on fancy napkins.

Instead, I decided to make my own fancy napkins at a much more reasonable price.

Grab some cheap napkins {I paid $2 for 50 plain white napkins from the grocery store}, stamps and some ink.

I used the same rabbit stamp I used on Grace's birthday invitations.  Simply press your stamp into the ink and stamp onto the napkin.

A custom napkin for a fraction of the cost.

Make sure you hop over and check out the rest of Grace's bunny themed birthday party.


  1. Is that a bunny cookie I see!? Love this theme! Great idea with the stamp!

  2. Great idea! I am going to have to remember this.
    You know you are killing me with this build up. ;)

  3. so sweet to see all the little personal details you added to grace's party. once've outdone yourself (on a budget, of course)! love that!!

  4. I will definitely be hopping back to find out more about that cute bunny on the equally cute napkin! :)

  5. Amy, that's genius! I never would have thought of doing something like that. Party supply stores around the world are hearing a little less "cha-ching" because of you and I love it!

    1. What a thoughtful and funny comment. Thank you so much Paula. You made my day :)

  6. It's the little touches that make a big impact! I may just have to stamp some crowns onto the pink napkins I picked up - thanks for the inspiration :)

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. oh how neat amy! i love this idea!

    frugal like you♥

  8. You are a genius, I wish I had have thought of this at Christmas my stamps are way cuter than the ugly and more expensive ones I used.

  9. i love every detail you put into everything you do!

  10. Such a cute idea!...and at a great cost!

  11. Okay... you are officially the party master. You stamped napkins!?!? Like every single one?

    I want you to plan my parties now!

  12. It's the little things that you think of that make your parties so special! i would have never thought to do this...but I will now!

  13. Marvelous idea! And the stamps match exactly your invitation, so you don't have to compromise. At this rate, Amy, you and your daughter are gonna have a TONS of ideas and a BLAST getting ready for her wedding. I know I know, I'm jumping the gun. Let's slow things down. She *is* only 5.


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