Thursday, June 6, 2013

Could I be evicted from blogging?

You know those survival shows were they vote people out?  If blogging were a survival show and votes were to be cast, I might find myself evicted or worse, rose-less (for the bachelor show fans).

I have 3 deep dark blogging secrets I must confess.

1. I have never made a wreath.  Gasp...I know, right? 

I think it is in the blogging bylaws that you must have created and perhaps recreated at least one wreath.

Though, to be really honest, I have attempted to make one wreath but that was in my pre-blogging days (which also was my pre-shooting pictures in manual mode days as well).

I am sure you have seen those gorgeous ornament adorned wreaths.  They look beautiful and sound simple enough, right? 


I couldn't get my hanger to bend into a perfect circle.  But I reasoned it wouldn't be noticeable when the ornaments were in place.  Though, I did not anticipate getting the ornaments into place would be an issue.

As I placed the glass ornaments on the hanger, the hooks kept popping off.  Do you know what happens to glass ornaments when they fall?  They shatter! 

Yet, still I continued.

I tried hot glue, which truth be told (and another reason I might be evicted and rose-less), I hate hot glue.  Who invented this torture device?  The hot glue was supposed to hold the ornaments into place but instead just burned and blistered my the fingers.

When I finally hung my misshaped wreath, I noticed that the hanger was clearly visible so I began to adjust the ornaments...

And, seconds later, it crashed to the floor.  Guess what happened with those glass ornaments?  They shattered.  I tossed the wreath into the garbage and have never attempted another wreath.

2. Though I have made a few projects with Mod Podge, I am not convinced it is my medium. 

Timeless Clock, Decoupage Vase, Ikea Table Makeover
By not my medium, I mean, I just don't get it.  Perhaps there is a technique I have not quite master but every time I have used Mod Podge I fight with my projects to keep them from becoming lumpy, bumpy and gloppy.  Mod Podge what kind of a hold do you have over bloggers and way has it eluded me?

And, my last confession.

3. I have never used washi tape...ever.


I did just buy a few rolls from Pick Your Plum.  

I hope that last one saves me from eviction. 

What would get you evicted from blogging? 


  1. I tried to make that same ornament wreath before I started blogging. :) I also fell victim to the non-circular hangar and mine crashed to the ground when my dog ran by and knocked the door it was hanging from. lol! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I think you'll do something great with the washi tape.

  2. I would probably get evicted from blogging as well. I'm afraid of spray paint (and most paint in general). Silly I know. Maybe that makes us blogging rebels? ;) I actually love mod podge and washi tape but I only have 1 wreath completed.

    1. Oh, spray paint...yes, that is definitely in the bylaws of blogging, too!

      Yes, we are definitely blogging rebels :)

  3. Oh how I love this post. It made me laugh in light of my recent wreath....burns and blisters! I have used Mod Podge, but have the same problems. I keep using it anyway. And that tape, never have used it either.
    I would be kicked out for sewing. I learned many years ago, but have not tried in forever!

  4. BAHAHAAAA! This is clever!!!!! Washi tape? Don't own any. But it's pretty!

    I can't believe that wreath crashed to the floor. Did you cry???

  5. I would probably be evicted as I don't own washi tape. I never use it. Haha...I've been seeing it a lot but maybe I will buy one and use it :)

  6. Uh oh, I think I might be evicted as well. I bought two rolls of washi tape for a project and it just didn't work out as planned. I just did my first mod podge project and the only reason it worked was because I had tiny pieces of paper. I failed in my first attempt when I tried to use a large piece of paper...bubbles everywhere. And I don't think I'll be making a wreath anytime soon after reading this post :-). Although I would like to try a succulent wreath. Those are just so darn pretty.

  7. You and me both! I have never made a wreath, not even an attempt. I bought 2 vine wreaths for 2$each, but I don't know what to make with them! OK I have done some mod podge things. I don't know if this is the trick, but I put mod podge on the surface, put the paper on top, smothed it with my fingers, let it dry like 10minutes, then put a coat on the paper. Maybe I've just been lucky with no bubbles... and washi tape, I bought 8 rolls a year ago and have barely used it. I think I'm realizing I'm not so much the cutesy crafting type. I like crafts with purpose! Anyway, all that to say don't worry about it, we are all different, and these crafty quirks are what make you stand out :) embrace the uniqueness! And just be yourself :)

  8. My modge podge has never been opened.

    I have never reupholstered anything.

    I don't build stuff.

    But Washi tape? That's something that I can handle ;)

  9. I almost died reading number 1!!! I tried that wreath in my blogging infancy and ended up tossing mine in frustration over the darn wire! I never could get mine to look right :) LOVE Mod Podge - haven't used it in ages...and I am also a washi tape virgin! LOVE the ones you purchased and can't wait to see what you do with them! (And to be honest...I signed in to see if you had bunny party pictures posted. I bet they are GREAT!)

  10. I made one of those wreaths! One word: plastic. I can store mine in a box all year and then pull it out for Christmas with absolutely zero damage!

    And I used washi tape for the first time ever recently, I love it!

  11. Great post! I love your honestly! Believe it or not, but I've never used washi tape either...nor have I wanted too. Someday I'll try it. But I don't think any of those things will get you kicked out because I've seen your sewing skills up close and personal and you do FABULOUS work! :)

  12. LOVE that clock! I dont have a hot glue gun either and don't own any washi tape! My confession as a "mommy blogger" is I don't make something/do something for every holiday. Had intentions of dyeing eggs with J for Easter and it never happened. Oh well :).

  13. Oh dear, I love my hot glue gun - it's like a rite of passage, getting those finger burns lol! I've made a few wreaths (although not the bauble one!) And I'm pretty much addicted to washi tape, haven't used it a lot but it's just so pretty!!!

    Hope we can still be friends lol! Estelle xx

  14. No NO NOOO way are you going to get evicted - that circus birthday party tops ANY wreath or modpodge craft!! And for the record I don't really have good luck with mod podge either. And it's been years since I made my own wreath! So if you get evicted so will I!

  15. There, there, I can relate, first and only wreath attempt, Julian asked if it was a steering wheel cover, binned moments later, Mod podge and I don't mix very well and I have never used Washi tape..but the glue gun I can't live without my glue gun :)

  16. Sorry! At least your adventures led to a fun blog post! These wire wreaths look very difficult to make!

  17. bahahaha I luv it! you did mucho better than I at that ball wreath. I could never figure out how to keep them stacked up at different angles.

    mod podge - I just keep brushing it out with a sponge paint brush. sometimes it's got 'character', ll!

    washi tape - ha! i'm like u have about 6 or 7 rolls that I've yet to use either. I have these grand views of the perfectly placed yet looked like it was thrown onto the scrapbook page and held in place with the washi tape. yea that was abt 3 years ago......

  18. i absolutely, positively, without a doubt LOVE THIS POST! you made my day! i laughed at the wreath because I tried one and it was so bad...i kept breaking bulbs when I tried to adjust them and I finally just threw it away. I have never used washi tape either. anyways, I just adore your heart and blog! :)

  19. I am with you on the wreath-free household. I haven't ever had a successful wreath craft. I've made a terrible one, but it didn't live here long.

    I've used washi tape once, and that was because I was told to (but I liked it in the end).

    I love Mod Podge, but that's because I grew up with decoupaged EVERYTHING in my house because my mother is a crafty-sort. I kept my pencils in decoupaged tin cans until I moved out of my parents' house. Oh, style. I had it.

    There are lots of bloggy things that I can't seem to figure out. I use mason jars for canning and not crafting (sacrilege!). I don't do furniture. My house is from the 70's - it's neither a character home nor a new build.

    I'm breaking all the rules! And I think you're a fabulous blogger with scads of talent. Wreaths can be bought - personality cannot. :)

  20. I can't believe you left out chalk board projects and painted furniture...a "must" in blogging! I have done neither! I feel for you on those breaking ornaments! I do remember when we were little and being taught to "freeze" when an ornament fell. My mom would run get the vacuum cleaner and a broom and dust pan and clean up around all of us while we stood like statues in our bare feet. 7 kids=many broken glass ornaments! Love washi tape and I hope you figure out the mod podge thing because I kinda love it too!

  21. Wreath - check
    Mod Podge - half of a check
    Washi Tape - no check
    I guess I am partly being voted off.


  22. I laughed at your post. I could be evicted by:
    a) Not updating my blog very often (I have about 20 drafts that need photos, etc.)
    b) Wreath - have done some (pre-blog), but never with glass ornaments - I would have probably cried if it had broken on me
    c) Mod Podge - I have used it, but definitely not my favorite
    d) Washi Tape- I did buy a few rolls and have used it to mark my cell phone charger and Kindle charger so the family knows they are mine and I covered an eyeglass case the other day -I guess that should be a blog post :-)
    d) I haven't built anything in years, but have lots of ideas pinned on Pinterest.
    So, I guess I would be voted off early.

    1. OH, your reasons are hilarious :). Thanks for making me laugh.

  23. I JUST bought my first rolls of washi tape. I kind of loved using it . . . . I might be a convert. And no wonder you have only made one wreath! You have Wreath PTSD!


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