Monday, June 10, 2013

Moss Number and Letter Garland

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but cardboard cutouts can.

For Grace's 5th birthday {her vintage bunny themed birthday party}, I decided to decorate with moss, some cardboard and a few other unexpected things.

These moss numbers and letters were 100% inspired by Bliss Bloom Blog's Happy Easter banner.  I did stray a bit from her instructions.  I used a bag of Spanish moss, where Bliss Bloom used sheets of Spanish moss.

My letters were all cut out of cereal boxes.  Once the letters and numbers were cut out, I applied glue {to the plain side of the cardboard} and pressed the moss into place.

Once my letters were complete, I needed a place to hang them.  So I went to search in the garage.  Isn't that where you go when looking for party decorations and inspiration?

I found a large old window, in the growing collection of windows we seem to have accumulated. The window was a roadside rescue weeks before.  Thank goodness for free finds! 

When I hung up the moss garland across the window, the clear glass allowed whatever was behind the window to show through.  Having put so much work into the moss garland, I wanted to make sure the garland remained a focal point.

My mom, the queen of quilts, came the rescue and brought me 2 yards of Beatrix Potter fabric.

I decided to tack the sweet bunny fabric behind the window.

And, finally, I was happy.

The window proved to be a great area to display the moss garland and the Beatrix Potter fabric played subtly into the bunny theme of Grace's party while allowing the moss garland to remain the main focal point.

Today, you get just a glimpse.  More bunny themed party details to follow.

Make sure you hop over and check out the rest of Grace's bunny themed birthday party.


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  1. OH MY GOSH! Look at that collection! I want the leaded glass set!!!!!

    LOVE this whole concept!!! I think those would sell quickly in an antique shop! Banners in old windows!?!?! YES!

  2. I love the letters and number! And it looked great on the window with that precious material.

  3. Such a beautiful party decoration! I love all the details in it.

  4. i love a good moss project and even more, how you used the fabric + window for added detail! plus a good handmade birthday party always ROCKS!!! enjoy your monday;)

  5. That looks DARLING! (And I *totally* go to the garage for all of of my party planning needs; esp since we don't have a basement!)

  6. Gorgeous, I love the banner, your Mom found the perfect fabric! I too go to the garage, no windows but I do have a glass shower screen...hmmm :)

  7. This has to be the most chic birthday party for a sweet little five year old ever! Love the banner and the toile! Happy Birthday to Miss Grace!

  8. Perfect, love how you put it all together. Really love the moss letters, can't wait for the next party post!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  9. I am SO going to use this idea for my SIL's baby shower I am hosting!!! CUTE :)

  10. oh my gosh! such great ideas! I think ur mom's fabric to the banner was the earrings to the outfit! gorg!

  11. I love your moss covered garland. You did an amazing job on it. That window is the perfect place to display it. Yeah for Mom coming to the rescue with the PERFECT fabric. Great job!

  12. Stopping by from It's a Steal! Love those moss covered letters and the Beatrix toile goes perfect! I don't have a garage, but I do have a basement to store all the things I should be getting rid of but glad I didn't when I'm doing a project and need that something extra. Super cute!! ~ Amy

  13. Okay - three things:

    1) I love those moss covered letters and I don't think I've ever seen Spanish Moss in my craft store. I must look next time.

    2) You have a collection of windows in your garage? I'm just jealous that you have a garage, but when I saw that leaded glass baby? What are you doing with that?!?!? Enquiring minds...

    3) I love that your mother had two yards of gorgeous Beatrix Potter toile-ish fabric in her stash. I just freaking love it!

    Okay - I think that's all. I cannot wait for the next Birthday Post - I'm enjoying this series so much!

  14. ooooooo!!!!! i love these details!!! I can't wait to see the rest! you are so talented

  15. Cute cute cute. And cereal boxes... well they are just the go to item around here too.


  16. Amy - this is amazing! I just read Tara from Suburble's comment and I can't top what she said. So I'm just saying ditto :-). I want to have a garden party just so I have a reason to make this garland!

  17. Amy this turned out so perfect - what a difference a background made! Love it!
    Thank you so much for linking up to "Its a Steal" Link party xx Nat

  18. How cute Amy! And yay for your mom coming to the rescue! Thanks for linking up to the Inspiration Cafe's link party!

  19. Hey girl! Catching up on your posts today. Don't mind the comment-bomb! LOVE the vintage bunny theme, as you last posted, and the moss and fabric are just PERFECT! How long did the moss last? Did you have to make this the day before so the moss wouldn't turn brown? And LOVE that you used cereal boxes, very resourceful. LOL on going to your garage for craft supplies. Personally, I just couldn't have those odd/end doors and windows just sitting in my garage BUT now I wish I had them b/c then I could hang cool stuff and use them as displays. The fabric also does a nice job of covering the colored side of the cereal-box letters.

  20. Hi Amy you're being featured on Inspiration Cafe tomorrow xx Nat

  21. I just love this! Amazing project!
    Thanks for linking up to my party! I wanted to let you know I picked your link to feature this week! See my post and grab my feature button here

  22. Ooohh, this is so cute!!

    And I'm giving away a copy of Handmade Walls E-book on my blog right now if you or your followers are interested in entering to win! They have tons of ideas on how to create custom art and frames for your walls. Love it!


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