Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodwill Hunting Roundup

It's been awhile but it's back.  So, without further ado, here are my most recent Goodwill finds.

I am a sucker for vintage handbags.  Ok, to be honest, this handbag isn't vintage but it certainly has that charm and character I am drawn too. 

So for $1.49, it's being added to my collection. 

I bought another flower frog.  It was .49 cents.  Perhaps the person pricing inventory coming in had no idea what it was.  I see flower frogs at the flea market all the time and they range from $5 to $10.

But my heart belongs to the metal flower frogs, like this one I did buy from the flea market.  The metal ones are perfect for displaying recipes or cards.

Letters (or numbers) also catch my eye.  I bought the two below for $1 (it was half off yellow ticket day).  Perhaps they were marked down because the G was backwards (just kidding!  checking to see if you are skimming or reading).

And lastly, I buckled and bought Grace this sweet and simple dollhouse for $2.99.

Why do I feel slightly guilty about this?  Well, we did just make a custom dollhouse for her 4th birthday, last year.

One that has an exact replica of the nursery we brought her home to.

But still, the Goodwill dollhouse was only $2.99.


What thrift store finds have you indulged in recently?

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  1. For $2.99 that dollhouse was a steal! And I buy half my craft supplies at thrift stores, backwards letters and all. ;)

    1. Thanks Erin :). I've been finding lots of craft supplies as well.

  2. I keep forgetting to go dang it! I am going today for sure since you have now reminded me.
    I would have bought the dollhouse too.
    The vintage bags are great! Do you just collect them? Or do you have fancy date nights?
    I'll let you know what I have today :)

  3. Our Goodwill has gotten ridiculous on prices! Higher than a cat's back. I actually saw one of the purses I donated hanging up for sale for $6. Heck, if I thought if it was worth more than $.50 I would have kept it... Come to think of it, it WAS really cute hanging there. Dang!

  4. CHEAP FLOWER FROG!!!!! Can't pass those up for that price!!!!

  5. i'm glad you did not leave the dollhouse! and i'm a fan of that clutch too. maybe i can get some thrifting done this weekend;) enjoy your day!

  6. Oh the bag, I love bags and the clasp...sweet find. Doll house, are you kidding she has the most gorgeous doll house, actually having it on display and playing with a $2.99 is less stress. Backwards G can't wait to see that project ;)

  7. the G is definitely backward...but if you turn it around I think it will still work :)hope this comment is helpful. LOL. (can never have too many dollhouses...especially a small one perfect for a road trip)

  8. Great finds! I wouldn't have been able to pass up that dollhouse either. Wynn and I went to a children's consignment store yesterday. I walked out with some clothes for her in a couple of seasons. I'm always looking ahead and she purchased a $2 Dora

  9. Love that first bag! Very elegant! And I've never heard of a frog flower...what exactly is it? And the $2.99 dollhouse can be like her "in law" suite ;). That dollhouse you and hubs put together is quite amazing! I can't believe he put the crown molding in himself and I guess it was all furnished by you two as well. Great job! Did you ever find the perfect living room set ;)? And yes, I was paying attention to the backwards G :P.

  10. Oh my - that custom dollhouse is A-mazing lady! My daughter would go crazy over that! Maybe the 2.99 house could be the dolls holiday home :)

    Love the handbag, so pretty!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  11. I have a few frogs, but I paid way too much for them. I never would have thought to look in Goodwill!

  12. I don't have any flower frogs... and I don't know why! They're so handy!

    Also - that custom dollhouse you made Grace - holy crap. That is INCREDIBLE!

    Also, a $2.99 dollhouse is pretty fantastic, too. Now she can play "neighbourhood"! :)

  13. Great finds! I have a bunch of those exact letters...only all of mine are black. What a steal on the doll house and she can play with it and not worry about hurting it! The other one is a collectible she'll want to keep forever!

  14. I worry I have now become a collector of flower frogs, quite unintentionally, of course. This is now my 3rd :)

  15. For 2.99? You couldn't afford NOT to buy it!!

  16. What is a flower flog used for? Can you show a photo of it in use? If I was pricing I wouldn't know what it was/worth either.

  17. I admit I looked twice at the letter G to see if you were serious. Duh. And is the 2.99 house wood? I'm just thinking that's a nice one to play with outside in the grass, it's easy to move.

  18. Testing for skimmers...LOL!! You always score at Goodwill! Do you have a display for all of your purses? I have seen some fabulous doll houses painted up for Christmas...maybe Grace needs a Christmas doll house?

  19. Do you think it would be weird if I went and bought myself a dollhouse :-). I'm so jealous that Grace has two. And I am blown away by that custom dollhouse. AMAZING!!!

  20. Love those handbags! Great finds! And I can't believe that adorable doll house was $3! Amazing!

  21. I remember that doll house vividly, so how could i not know about the nursery!!!!!
    I have a fantasy I'm trying to get claud to buy into, of having a street of doll houses in her bedroom, so of course I think it is wonderful and not at all problematic that your doll house now has a neighbour!
    IAnd I think your clutch collection, including the latest addition is very elegant. I'm sold too on the idea of the metal flower holder for a recipe card holder-one is now on my op-shop wants list.
    Lovely to have you linking in x

  22. I love metal flower frogs!
    Did some floristry night classes in England and used them quite a bit!

  23. Oh I love the lower frogs. I have two thatI found at a garage sale for a dollar a piece. You are right tho they are easily ten a pop.

  24. I too have a luv of handbags, vintage or not, lol! that flower frog is cool, and of course the dollhouse - how cud u pass it up?! we had a good night last night - I think we're on the down side now.

  25. Oh I love your handbag collection!! The new addition definitely has a vintage charm to it so go ahead and call it vintage. ;) I have to share my recent my little purse find from the antique mall... I'm so in love with it and I can't wait to use it! But mine definitely wasn't as good of a steal as yours...$1.49!!!!


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