Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Summer Day In Quilt Form

While enjoying a beautiful fall weekend in Wisconsin, with my parents, The Queen of Quilts gave Grace a quilt that embodies the perfect summer day.

This quilt reminds me of sunshine, freshly cut grass,

beautifully bloomed flowers

the simple pleasure of pinwheels...

and jump roping.

The front of this quilt is everything I had hoped for Grace's big girl room BUT let's not overlook the back of the quilt.

The back of the quilt has a hand embroidered label reading: let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains.

This beautiful quilt will be placed on Grace's new big girl bed. While she is tucked safely under it, I hope she has the happiest dreams.


  1. Your mom is so talented. I love the saying on the back of the quilt too.

  2. What a beautiful quilt...You and your mom have talent like no one else!!!

    1. What a really thoughtful comment/compliment. Thank you so much!

  3. I absolutely love it! It does remind me of summer. Your mom is THE Queen of Quilting for sure. And I love the label on the back. Grace is blessed! Love IT!

  4. Oh Amy it is so perfect for a big girl room, the queen of quilts did a beautiful job on that quilt!

  5. Love the whimsy of pinwheels for Grace's quilt and what a lovely quote on the back. I'm sure she will move mountains and do wonderful things in her life! She's got a great role models in her life :).

  6. so pretty and perfectly "big" It's still girly but even a teenager or adult would love that! Your label looks great!

  7. so beautiful! as soon as I saw it I said to myself - "oh I bet/hope she uses this for graces big girl room!" grandma did an amazing job, and gracie definitely moves mountains and will always do so!

  8. such a beautiful quilt not only fitting for a big girl room but one she can take with her wherever she goes as a treasured keepsake. love the embroidered message too. hope you are well;)

  9. That's a beautiful quilt! What a lucky little girl to have such talented parents and grandparents in her life! I think this quilt is going to look perfect in her room, and I can't wait to see the reveal of the finished room!

  10. Wow, it is so pretty. And I can feel the love that was put into it. ♥

  11. What an incredibly lovely comment. Thank you so much Amy.

  12. Oh that is one gorgeous quilt your mom made! I love the scalloped edges and that label is the best!!!


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