Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crafting With Kids - Masterpieces

When crafting with kids begins, you never know when it will result in a masterpiece being made.  That's the great thing about crafting with kids, they typically don't fret over the details.  Kids don't worry if it's perfect.  Kids simply create.

And, creating is exactly what Grace has been doing. 

On painted canvas, I drew a heart shape and filled it in with glue and stepped back to let the artist create her masterpiece.  Grace dug through our button jar and filled the heart in with pretty buttons.   What makes this a masterpiece, in my eyes, 'love' spelled out by the artist.


Grace would prefer creating while keeping her hands clean.  A masterpiece, to me, is seeing this little girl get her hands dirty.

Especially when she makes hand print crafts.

On painted canvas, the artist left her signature in the form of her 5 year old hand print.

If you liked these masterpieces, make sure to check out some of the other art created and currently on display like this watercolor silhouette.

Or block printing art.

Whatever your child creates, I am sure it will be a masterpiece in your eyes.


  1. You definitely have one talented artist on your hand! When she has a mommy like you, she is bound to be one. :)

  2. Ohhhh. fun projects!!! my kids LOVE to get dirty...their mother, not so much. Now that they can take care of their clean up...for the most part, I am okay with it.

  3. Fall break, how fun. I hope you'll share what kind of mess you create :)

  4. The heart button canvas is so sweet. I love the idea. I think she is already more creative than I am! :)

  5. Hi Amy,
    The heart is so sweet. I'm guessing it will go on the pretty shelves in the "big girl room"? The look of the "love" is so perfect with it, natural talent like mom:)

  6. I can't see the second picture :( I love the dirty hands and the button art is so cute. My little ones did paintings of their hands I loved Max's big fat splotchy ones and madeleines petite delicate ones it's so cute seeing their prints.

  7. Love these! Art made by the girls' hands is always my favourite. And the big beaming smiles are pretty rad, too! :)

  8. How fun, not to mention cute! She did a great job and you are right...kids don't fret as much about perfection and somehow..things turn out beautifully. We could probably take a lesson from them!

  9. The button heart is perfect!! Her handwritten "love" is the extra touch. I'd happily display these as masterpieces in my home!

  10. I love the buttons! Such a good idea.


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