Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Is Me - My Clothes

It's fall y'all. 

The leafs are changing colors and falling.  The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are dropping.

Though part of who I am involves heels...

Tis the season for boots.


The boots are a rare purchase from an actual retail store. 

The rest of my wardrobe is mostly thrift store finds.  I love the hunt of discovering unique and frugal finds. 

Where once upon a time, I used to dress for a corporate lifestyle and I struggled to feel comfortable in casual outfits.  The life that I am living now, is all about casual outfits.

A sweater and a pair of jeans is how you'll find me scouring booths at a flea market. 

A pair of jeans, thick chunky brown leather belt and flannel shirt is my typical pick Grace up from school outfit.

We had our first parent teacher conference a week ago.  Part of who I am is someone who gets anxious over things like doctor's appointments and, apparently, parent teacher conferences.  When I get nervous, I will typically change my clothes at least 4 or 5 times.  I prefer to wear something 'nicer' when I am nervous.  And, I will typically fret over my hair, fluff, spray with hair spray and repeat until my hair practically needs it's own zip code. 

Leggings, a short sleeve dress and a long sleeve black shirt with a tie front closure is how I nervously marched off to meet Grace's teacher.  *Despite breaking out in hives during the conference, it went incredibly well and as I should have known all along, Grace is doing wonderfully.

So, this is me. 

Where I once worked...I now work hard at being a full time mom.  Where I once wore dresses...I now wear jeans and run around the park playing tag with my sweet daughter.

This is me.

I'd love for you to come back tomorrow and link up the story your clothes tell about you.


  1. I love your style. And it is very similar to mine. I also once dressed for Corporate America and sometimes miss it. Even after eight years, BUT I do love my jeans and barefeet most days :)
    Hoping to link up tomorrow.

  2. You have a great wardrobe my friend. :) I love how you pull everything together so nicely. I get so nervous about appointments too!

  3. What a lovely photo of a rain-drenched leaf! And I love the story your clothes are telling!!!! You have a beautiful figure and lovely hair :D!

  4. You have great style Amy! I remember the days of high heels and business suits when I lived in the big city. They are so long behind me now. I remember them fondly though. I did love dressing up then. Working in a small town is much more casual, but casual can be stylish and fun too. You do it so well.

  5. You look awesome! I shudder at the thought of all the dress clothes and heels I had to wear when working! Much happier in my jeans an tennis shoes. You find the cutest clothes and you're adorable in them. But....I wanted to see a pic of your zip-code hair!!! LOL!

  6. My clothes are a disgrace. Even my jammies are worn (guess that's cuz I stay in them so often!).

  7. I LOVE your style!! I'm definitely not the dress or skirt type of gal... casual is me. I love jeans and that's what I pretty much wear every day.. at home I do throw my yoga pants on and you just might catch me in them running errands.. but jeans are my best friend. No heels for me, give me my Toms or boots and I'm happy. :) What I also love about you is that most of your purchases are from thrift shops. You definitely have the eye for fashion... and I would love to one day go thrifting with you and watch you at work. :D

    1. Oh thank you so much Maysem. I would LOVE to go thrifting with you one day...we'd have to end our thrifting by you teaching me to bake, though :)

  8. You have such fantastic style, Amy! Right down to your collection of gorgeous shoes! I wish I could wear heels as often as the most lady, but they shoot me about 6', and that can make ME break out in hives.

    So glad that the parent/teacher conference went well (of course it did)! Love the outfit you chose to wear to it. So pretty!

  9. Awwwww I sure liked seeing YOU and your style here. Love this post. And yahooooo for a great conference (I had no doubt).

  10. I love your style. I wish I had "outfits". Because of the casual nature of my job (and the grossness) I wear jeans and tees and zip ups.

    Mostly, I love how neat your closet it. I'm in awe.

  11. Oh Amy, you are so funny! Thank you for your fabulous comment.

  12. I luv all your outfits, you are gorgeous! and I always get nervous too when it comes to conferences. altho we don't really have them or at least not yet.


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