Thursday, October 17, 2013

Felt Halloween Finger Puppets

Have no fear, I still have a soft spot for felt...and to prove it, I decided it was time to make some Halloween inspired finger puppets made out of FELT!

First up, Bony of Bony and Clyde, though Clyde has seen better days. 

Using the pattern below, cut 2 sections of the body out of black felt.  Cut the bones out of white felt.  Glue the bones to the front of the body.  If you want to make a Bony, give her a felt flower...if you prefer making a Clyde, leave the flower off.  Doing a straight stitch, with black thread, sew the skeleton bodies together, leaving the bottom open.

Next is Shadow.  Beware, he's tried to cross my path a few times, he is intent on bringing me bad luck.

Using the pattern below, cut 2 sections of the cat body out of black felt.  Cut 2 eyes out of yellow felt.  Cut the thinnest strands of white felt for the whiskers.  Glue the eyes and whiskers into place.

Cut a black pipe cleaner in half.  Curl one end of the pipe cleaner.  Fold the other end of the pipe cleaner up about an inch and insert it into the right side of the cat body (pointing up, perpendicular to the side).

Doing a straight stitch, sew the front of the cat body to the back of the cat body, secure a few sideways stitches over the pipe cleaner. Make sure to leave the bottom of the cat open.

*The pipe cleaner is bent up to avoid little fingers getting poked or scratched by the end of the pipe cleaner. 

Last but not least, Bernard the ghost.  Not all ghosts need to be scary, some can be formal.

Using the pattern below, cut 2 sections of the ghost body out of white felt.  Cut the eyes and mouth out of black felt.  Go crazy and select whatever color bow tie you want.  Glue the eyes and the mouth into place.  I secured the center of my bow tie into place with a French Knot, you could opt to glue if you prefer.  Sew the front of the ghost body to the back of the ghost body, leaving the bottom open.

These Halloween finger puppets have even found a house to haunt.

I hope after Halloween is over, they peacefully move out. 

The dollhouse does not need another set of squatters.  Those lalaloopsies moved in a few months ago and we haven't been able to evict them yet.  Bony, Shadow and Bernard haven't even scared them away.
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  1. Oh how cute, your are the queen of felt! I hope the house is safe :)

  2. Oh my goodness how cute are these? You even gave them a house to haunt too! What a perfect addition to the finger puppet collection.

  3. I LOVE all your finger puppets!! Would it be sad if I made them just for myself? ;)

  4. Adorable! I want to come over and play with them! How fun!

  5. So cute! Lib and I used to make finger puppets when she was little.

  6. Oh what cute haunted house haunters. Simply adorable!

  7. These are perfect! Absolutely the cutest halloween characters so far this year. Of course, when you reveal Graces costume I'm sure she will trump all:)
    I need to make these guys (and girl) for the grandkids:) Thanks for the easy tutorial, Amy.

  8. Okay. Stop. These are too awesome. Look at that skeleton!

    I want him.

    I also love that the ghost's name is Bernard. Is he a touch French?

    Pinned. You know it is. :)

  9. These are too cute! And you my dear have a skill I will never have. Happy Friday.

  10. These are too flipping cute! Pinning to my kids board, I wanna play with them myself.

  11. That finger puppet stand is getting some good use!

  12. Those are my favorite finger puppets yet! I like each one more than the next...but I guess the cat is my very favorite. You are never going to make me believe that beautiful pink doll house could be haunted!

  13. I can't even stand how cute these are. I love the skeleton so much!!

  14. Somehow I missed this post last week. WHAT? lol These are adorable. Especially the flower on the skeleton.

    1. Aw...thanks Erin. Grace prefers all her things as girly as possible. The skeleton definitely needed the flower :)


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