Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jumbo Craft Stick Animals

Who knew you could have so much fun with jumbo craft sticks?, that's who. 

As soon as Grace spotted this craft, she immediately wanted to make her own set of animals out of jumbo craft sticks.  We got started by painting the craft sticks but as we waited for them to dry, I got distracted with things like dinner or laundry.

Mr. While Wearing Heels stepped in and with Grace's help, they made an adorable pig...

A rooster, with a baby belle cheese wrapper comb {the mister's use of non-traditional craft supplies impressed me}...

And a tiger, with heart shaped spots.

I am not sure who was more proud of the finished product...

 Grace or the mister.


  1. Awe. That so cure she got to craft with Mom and Dad. :)

    1. She doesn't usually get to craft with dad...they usually play so this was fun to see what they created.

  2. What a fun idea! I love them. I'm going to have to pin this to do with Wynn.

  3. So sweet. I love that it was done with both Mom and Dad! :)

  4. So, so, so cute!!

    And I too am impressed with the rooster comb and its unique origin. I think someone needs his own blog...

  5. those would be such an easy afternoon craft. I need to look for jumbo sticks...I just have the regular kind

  6. Oh so cute and A+ for Mr WWH on the trash chic element, how lovely for him and Grace to craft together

  7. Those are cute! I'm with Mel...way to go for your guy using trash to make the comb. (And for crafting with Grace!) I have to say I love the pig with his little button nose the best!

  8. I bet it was the mister. ;) I am very impressed with his crafting capabilities!

  9. Love it!! Love it when you post the super simple, super cheap crafts. So inspiring, great job! Way to go hubby too!!
    And was Grace in one of her don't take a picture of me moods? Not that the little hand sticking out isn't adorable all on it's own:)

  10. aaahhh! they should both be proud - that is awesome that MR. stepped in and helped her. but for a man that's built a dollhouse that doesn't surprise me, I luv that he luvs her that much! a great daddy for sure. did she have them talk with one another? make two more piggies and a wolf and I bet she could have theatrical performance!

  11. I also love to make stuff from craft sticks.I am going to make these for my class. yes i am a Montessori teacher. that is why i ordered some sticks from . i cant wait to try this :)


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