Monday, October 7, 2013

Sew and No-Sew Handkerchief Garland Tutorial

After you've dried your tears and wiped your nose, you might be wondering what you could do with your collection of hankies.

Why not turn those handkerchiefs into a garland?  I've got both a no-sew and sew keep on reading.

Don't have a collection of hankies?  Flea markets, Etsy and ebay are great places to hunt for them.  They typically run between $1-$4 per handkerchief.

Since the likelihood is great that the hankies were indeed used to dry tears and wipe noses, I start by washing them in a gentle cycle.  After they've been washed, I iron the handkerchiefs, folded into a triangle across the bias, and apply starch to give the delicate hankies some structure.

First up, the sew version.  *Keep reading for the no-sew version.

Grab some double biased tape.  Open the double biased tape and nestle the long folded section of the handkerchief in between, pinning it into place. 

Continue pinning each hankie into place.  I lined my hankies up so where one ended the next one began.

Head to your sewing machine. Doing either a straight stitch or zigzag, sew the handkerchiefs into place.

When you are done, find someplace to hang them up...

And, enjoy.

Like the look but don't like to sew?

I've got a no-sew version for you as well.

Fold your handkerchiefs up and pin them into place on either twine or the bias tape with clothespins.

No sewing required.

Don't have handkerchiefs?  No problem.

You can also use some bandanas.  

Another no sew option, just place the bandanas over the twine or bias tape.

Sew or no-sew, this hankie garland is easy enough that it should case any tears.

Of course, if it does, you can always dry your tears or wipe your nose with one of your hankies :)

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  1. These are all beautiful ways to use handkerchiefs. I love the how perfect they look with the tea party. ;)

  2. You had me at no-sew... and thrifted.... :)

  3. So simple and beautiful. I need to be on the look out for some handkerchiefs!

  4. I see handkerchiefs at the thrift stores all the time but never know what to do with them. These are so pretty!

  5. Such a sweet idea! I love that you did both a sew and no sew option. Such pretty hankies too!

  6. Best banners ever! Absolutely charming. I love how you have found such a festive purpose for those lovely old hankies!

  7. I love this idea.........both versions!!!!!!!!! I have plenty of hankies I could use too! (Imagine me having a hoard of

  8. I love it Amy, especially the way the pegged ones they've made a lovely shape, don't know how I missed this over ay oam. I've never made bunting but planing to for Christmas

  9. These garlands turned out so cute. I love them all and am thinking I need a hankie collection.

  10. So cute! I love the "sew" version. I think I could tackle that! I'll have to put handkerchiefs on my Thrifting Shopping list. It's been a while since I've gone a-thriftin'!

  11. Wow how beautiful is this! The hankies look so pretty put together like that. I can't wait to use this for something :) Great idea!

  12. How lovely! Thank you for the new sew option! (You know that's always my choice!) The bandana one would be so fun for a cowboy themed party!

  13. As I am a sucker for handkerchiefs, I LOVE both ideas.. sewed and unsewed!

  14. Cute repurpose. I should be picking these up when I see them cheap at sales huh?

  15. Thats adorable! You always come up with the best stuff. I love this and the old hankies are just beautiful, aren't they. Love the bandannas too, great for a theme party. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thats adorable! You always come up with the best stuff. I love this and the old hankies are just beautiful, aren't they. Love the bandannas too, great for a theme party. Thanks for sharing!

  17. no sew version for me, please!


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