Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spider Barrette Tutorial

Looking for a fun and easy way to accessorize for Halloween?  Look no further than these spider barrettes.

The best part, this easy spider barrette can be made in less than 5 minutes. 

To make your own, grab a barrette, a spider ring and some hot glue.

Dissect your spider ring (cut the ring off the spider).

Apply hot glue to the end of the barrette.

Attach your spider. 

Once the glue has dried, clip it and proudly show off your adorable...I mean, spooky spider barrette.


  1. SO CUTE! The boys will not give up a ring. I am going to make me one. Am I too old for a spider barrette?

  2. Such a cute idea...and look at you using hot glue! :)

  3. Adorable! I think I'll make one for Maddy this week :)

  4. Very cute! My wheels are turning- what else can I glue to a barrette?!

    1. I am sure, with the fastners you make, you could come up with something genius.

  5. Very spooky in that lovely blonde hair! I love a quick craft!

  6. Cute! I mean Spooky! Although I don't think I could wear one...I don't like spiders!

  7. Spooky yet adorable! :) I love the simplicity of this big statement project.

  8. Love it! Maybe I have time to get myself to the dollar store so that I can fashion a few of these up!?!?

    I love spooky stuff!

  9. Love a quick and easy project Amy, but it's hard to picture the adorable Grace with black spiders in her hair! Couldn't find any pink ones?? LOL!

  10. Simple, but so fun. I want to have some of these clips for my own hair.

  11. Great idea. I will do some for my own hair for Trick or Treat night. :-)


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